Information Security Policy

Last updated on July 1, 2019

Importance of security

Due to the business nature of automating accounting audit with AI, Genial Technology and its subsidiary (the “Company”) has the social responsibility to securely manage all assets that are required to be protected (the “Information Asset”), including confidential information and private personal information provided by customers, other parties and intra-company sources.

The Company addresses the information security as the entire organization so as to fulfill the social responsibility, satisfy customers, build trust and achieve healthy business development.

Design and operation policy for information security system

  • The Company designs and operates the information security system to reasonably address such risks as unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification and leak of the Information Asset.
  • The Company obeys all of the legal laws, regulations, contracts with customers and other rules in regards to the information security.
  • The Company maintains the effective information security system by periodical education, training, monitoring and re-evaluation of risks and countermeasures and so forth.
  • The Company monitors unauthorized access, system failure and other emergencies, and quickly address the emergencies when they occur.

Contacting us

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