Audit Transformation – How will AI change the Audit?


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Regarding the application of artificial intelligence (“AI”) to auditing, the key audit transformation technologies are machine learning, natural language processing and automation. These technologies may enable task automation and support decision-making, which is expected to significantly enhance audit effectiveness and efficiency. However, AI is merely a tool to help auditors solve problems and cannot define audit challenges alone. Accordingly, it is important to carefully identify the challenges to apply these technologies.

This report describes the challenges that current audit faces, gives examples of how AI would be applied to auditing and examines potential impacts to auditors and companies as well as how auditor’s role would change.

Genial Technology, Inc. published this research paper in Japanese together with the AI Audit Research Lab at PricewaterhouseCoopers Aarata LLC in April 2018. Since GenialAI’s primary language is English, we are glad to announce that the translation process has been completed.