Genial Technology releases product page for GenialAI, Excel add-in vouching system.

~For the purpose of disseminating information about the new product under development to audit firms and general businesses~


Genial Technology ( announces the release of the product page for GenialAI, an Excel add-in vouching system.


Microsoft Excel is routinely used in the audit and has become the industry standard tool for understanding and verifying the clients’ business processes and preparing working papers. Excel is also used in many back offices, such as accounting, finance, planning, marketing, information systems, and general affairs to input, process, check, and output data.

On the other hand, an increasing number of companies are digitizing their documents because the Electronic Record Retention Law will make it mandatory to preserve documents received in electronic form as they are from January 1, 2024 in Japan.

Features of Genial AI

The new "Genial AI" is an Excel add-in that improves the efficiency of the verification process by estimating the Excel statement rows and associated documents, and presenting the semantic match between the cell data and the document data. It recognizes documents, matches them with Excel data, and presents the link between the Excel line item and the corresponding documents.

■Product page release

Genial Technology has launched a product page to disseminate information about the new “GenialAI”. The "GenialAI" page is mainly designed in green color, contrasting with the current "GenialAI for Web" page, which is in blue.

Excel add-in "GenialAI" product page URL:

ジーニアルAI: Home - ジーニアルAI


We plan to add more information to this product page, including demo videos.

■ Genial Technology

Genial Technology offers Genial AI, a self-learning audit tool that automates vouching, with the mission of "AI for the more useful audit" to reduce the burden on the auditors and allow them to focus on more “human” tasks.

While there has been some progress in the development of tools to improve operational efficiency in the audit through the use of technology, the majority of these tools currently rely only on visual checks. Using AI-OCR, GenialAI can read purchase orders, shipping documents, invoices, and other documents that are the basis of accounting records, and automatically match them with sales and other data, thereby automating vouching procedures.

Genial Technology is developing a product that will greatly automate audit operations.

■ Company Overview

  • Company name: K.K. Genial Technology
  • Establishment: July 1, 2019
  • Location: 3F Sunny Plaza Hiratsuka, 8-16 Beniya-cho, Hiratsuka-shi, Kanagawa
  • Representative: Aki Abekawa
  • URL:

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