Hiten Trivedi resigned as CTO

Hiten Trivedi has stepped down from his position as the Chief Technology Officer of Genial Technology, Inc. with the effect on May 1, 2018. He is also removed from his positions as Director and Co-founder of the company on the same day. After the removal, he has held and will hold no title at the company such as Advisor or Stockholder.

As we enter a period of security feature implementation of GenialAI, it has become necessary to adjust our technical requirements at this crucial time and align with our business objectives. Genial Technology, Inc. made a business decision to transfer the platform development to Japan. With this decision, we expect to accelerate the development of GenialAI.

The management team will provide a further update on the CTO role if needed. We would like to thank Hiten for his time with the Company and wish him the best for the future.