AI for more effective auditing

To reduce the burden on the auditors and allow them to focus on tasks that require human ingenuity and judgment.

Checking that financial statements are prepared based on accurately recorded transactions requires a significant amount of simple work. AI automates this tasteless routine work of simply filling in checklists, allowing auditors to focus on tasks that only humans can perform, such as judgment and communication.

In addition, by significantly streamlining verification tasks such as input checks, compliance checks, and risk responses, the system will also provide value beyond the auditing process.


The global standard AI auditing tool

A future where AI automates accounting.

AI accounting systems, rather than humans, would receive data from business partners and automatically generate journal entries. Auditors will leave simple checking tasks to AI auditing systems and shift to interpreting and teaching new accounting standards to the system and proofreading subtle expressions to ensure they are accurately conveyed to the reader.

In this future, Genial Technology will provide AI auditing tools for common use around the world. The Genial AI series will always be used for auditing and risk/compliance response.


The Genial Way


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Growing together

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